Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fourth of July

We celebrated on Friday evening with the host families.  They brought food: tortilla española(Spanish omelette), bizcocho(sponge cake), pisto manchego(roasted vegetables), jamón y melón (Spanish ham with melon) among other things.  The party took place on the patio of the school.  We sang the National Anthem, as best we could.  The host families seemed to enjoy our efforts.  It certainly does not feel like the 4th of July - no family cookouts, no fireworks, no hamburgers or hot dogs, no corn on the cob.  The only common denominator is the heat.  Actually, I think it's worse in Indiana.  The lack of humidity makes it somewhat more tolerable.  It also appears that we have a bit of a break from the heat this coming week - highs are predicted to be in the low to mid- nineties. 
We've reached the half-way point.  The kids want time to stand still.  Many of them would like to stay longer.  I know that they will have other opportunities to return in the future.  This summer will pave the way for many other experiences.  They will return home with a new perspective and independence.  They will have a greater self-confidence.  They will never forget this summer in Ciudad Real.  

Singing the National Anthem.


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