Monday, July 18, 2011

The end is in sight

With one week left, the students are both excited to go home and sad to leave Ciudad Real.  Some are starting to think about the things at home that they have missed.  Some will be happy to get home to their normal time schedule.  Others will be glad to sleep in their own bed.  I, personally, belong to this camp.  There is really nothing like being home in your own space.

 Many of them will miss the food. While it is possible to make Spanish food in the states, there are simply some ingredients that you cannot substitute.  It is also quite difficult to duplicate the atmosphere that one experiences at a typical cafe here in Spain.  Going out for tapas is part of daily life - meeting with friends and family, enjoying food and drink together. Another custom that many students were able to enjoy on at least one occasion is spending a Sunday afternoon at a country home with the extended family.   This may be to celebrate a birthday or baptism or just because.  It is one of the only things to do on a Sunday since virtually all the stores are closed. 

I have included various photos this time.  Many were taken in the cafeteria.  We are fortunate to have an hour for lunch.  This has been a great social hour for everyone.  They have played many games of euchre after each meal. 

The Despedida (Goodbye) program is Saturday evening.  The choir will be performing several songs and the theater will perform two short plays.  We are preparing daily and looking forward to a successful event.

At Atocha train station in Madrid.

The cafeteria.



Castillo Calatrava el Nuevo

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  1. Hola!
    Thank you so very much for all the wonder posts!
    I have enjoyed hearing about the wonderful adventures! It was also great seeing the pictures of all the students, and all the amazing places you visited!!
    I appreciate your time and effort!!
    Looking forward to next Monday!
    Un millón de agradecimientos to all the teachers for taking such care of our kids!
    Nancey or Haley's mom!